Sweet Bacon!

SWEET BACON! This is my latest illustration for they  They Draw and Cook.


This illustration is for all the bacon lovers in my life. I think it’s hilarious that I keep seeing bacon boards on Pinterest, bacon products, bacon contest,… the list goes on and on and I’m LOVING it. I decided to share in the fun with these bacon loving Baco-Buddies. (Baco-Buddies is what Nate from They Draw and Cook called these furry little guys and I think it is a perfect!)



A huge thank you to Nate and Sallie for posting it on their site!

Also, (just in case you didn’t know) They Draw and Cook is having an AWESOME Kraft themed contest right now. It has $7,000 in prize money. The due date is Sunday, March 25th. I’m hoping I can find the time to enter.

My grandma draws and cooks!




My Grandma did this wonderful illustration for They Draw and Cook!

Over Christmas while I was looking through my grandma’s beautiful sketchbook the thought occurred to me that she should do an illustration for  They Draw and Cook. It took a little convincing, but once I had her convinced she was unstoppable! We set aside a day in the beginning of January and measured out a couple of pieces of watercolor paper. The only “help” I gave her was to not put any important information near the gutter. Two weeks later it was done! I came over to help her scan it… I think it turned out GREAT!

It was so fun to spend time with my grandma and grandpa.  Over lunch and coffee I found out how my grandparents met, what it was like to live in Jackson Mississippi in the 60’s, and what it was like to be a child in America during WWII.

She is one talented lady, her sketchbook is full beautiful food and places she travels.  It’s a good thing we measured out not one, but TWO pieces of watercolor paper. I’m hoping she turns another one of her “sketches” into a recipe or map!

Did I mention she blogs?   http://www.wtrclr.blogspot.com

The They Draw and Cook book is Here!


The They Draw and Cook book is here and my Tiramisu illustration is part of it! The book is beautifully made and full of recipes (107 to be exact) from artist around the world. Read more about it and buy your copy here.


I love to see the different ways other artist and illustrators work. So, I decided to share how I came up with my Fruity Ice Pops illustration. The only direction for this project was that it had to be a kid friendly recipe and 16.667″ wide x 6.25″ high. When a project is this open-ended and self-directed this is how I typically work:

I start by opening a new illustrator file and having an idea purge for about a half an hour. I then pick a few of my favorite ideas and flesh them out. It’s an intuitive way of working. For the most part, I’m not concerned with fonts, spelling, colors ect.  Each sketch takes me anywhere between 15-45 minutes. The idea is to get the general feel of the idea down. I typically do all of this in one night and allow myself no more then 3 hours. If I sat down on a different night I would probably have 3 completely different ideas/sketches.


Concept: Show Family, Friends and Fun


Concept:  Play up the “POP”  with girly pop colors and kid pop culture ref and trends


Concept:  Mix of Seasons- Play up the “ice” with polar bear and snow. Play up  summer with popsicle flowers, fresh fruit, and flower patterns in background.

Next, I run it by someone (in this case, my mom) she is not an artist, but she has a fantastic eye for design. She liked the the general look of the first sketch,  but she missed the polar bear and photography that were in the other sketches. I thought this was great advice.  I incorporated the polar bear and fruit photography into my illustration. Then I started to revise my sketch. I  pick the fonts, laid out the type, refine the colors and so on, until it was complete.


I found that setting time limits “deadlines” for each phase of a project has dramatically increased my speed of work. I’ve also  found that entering contests and doing self-directed work is a great way to push myself to experiment with new techniques and stretch myself creatively. Plus, I think it’s really fun!

They Draw and Cook – Fruity Ice Pops




This is an illustration I made for  They Draw and Cook. They are having a Cooking For Kids recipe contest sponsored by AllRecipes.com You can see all the entries here. There are so many great illustrations, I don’t know how they are ever going to pick a winner!!!

More They Draw and Cook Fun




A couple of months ago They Draw and Cook had  a Year of the Fig Recipe Contest. I didn’t plan on entering it because I had a lot on my plate during that time. However, a few days before the deadline I had some extra time to spare. I started this illustration knowing it was a hit or miss with the timing I had. I really liked the way it was going and thought I was going to make it… Unfortunately, life happened the day it was due (I had a dental emergency and my brakes went out. boooo!!!) and those things had to take priority.  I liked the direction it was going, so I found a couple of extra hours to  finish it up today.

The submissions they received are wonderful. You can view them HERE.

Russian Tea Cakes




This is my holiday recipe submission to They Draw and Cook (click image to enlarge)

Given that Russian Tea Cakes are my FAVORITE holiday cookies and that I’m part Russian (both of my grandmother’s parents were born there), it was a natural fit for me to illustrate thisrecipe. I had a lot of fun working on it.

Check-out  They Draw and Cook daily this December and add a little fun and creativity to your holiday season. With over 250 illustrated holiday recipe submissions, you’ll be sure to find inspiration that will make you want to Draw and/or Cook.


They Draw and Cook




I started this illustration for this weeks spooky themed  Illustration Friday.  As I was working on it I thought it would be a fun submission to They Draw and Cook so I added the recipe.
(click on image to enlarge)

They Draw & Cook




This is my submission to They Draw & Cook, A super fun blog of illustrated recipes. (click on image to enlarge)