Cactus Play



I wanted to try out some new photoshop brushes a friend gave me so I made some cactus art.


Photo Albums


Some photo albums I made at work.


I started a Spoonflower Shop !!! Above are some of the collections/patterns I’ve made in the past year

Old Patterns




I’ve been backing up files and I found some old patterns I made last year. I had 8 hours to create each “new look”  It was a race against the clock. It was kind of fun.


I always wanted to design rain inspired scrapbooking look. I’m so happy I finally had the opportunity with Sunshowers! A boutique collection for Colorbok’s Heidi Grace brand that is currently being sold at Joanne’s.


Above is a picture of most of the products. To create the products I used some of the  black and white doodles from Heidi’s style guide and then I created additional icons. I picked out the colors and started designing patterns, patterns, patterns. Then I started to design products, products products.

Below are some of the patterns.


The umbrella pattern is the first pattern I made and my personal favorite. It set the tone for the rest of the look. To add more variety and cheer to the boutique I added some sun and flower papers/sku’s.


So fun to see it in stores!!

Fresh Linen – Pattern Paper Pack


The below art and patterns I developed for Colorbok are being used in this adorable pattern paper pack that is currently being sold at Walmart.Mayes_Flowerpapers

Easter Patterns


Some Easter patterns I made this weekend.

Box Kit (part 2)


This is the other box kit that is currently being sold at Walmart.

This is a personal fav. I love playing with textures in photoshop, so this was a lot of fun to design.


Box Kit


I illustrated and designed some flower icons and  patterns  that were made into a box kits!  They are being sold at Walmart! This is one of the two box kits that is currently for sale.



If was a really fun project to work on because it was so open ended. The only rule was that I had to use purple in the color palette.


Holiday Ornament Swap



Christmas cards and ornaments I made for this years Freshly Blended Holiday Ornament Swap.