Llama Llove


Valentine’s day I made and passed out to my co-workers

Baby You’re a Love Machine

Valentine’s Day I made for my beau



The struggle is real! I’ve been dealing with hyperthyroidism for months. It amazes me how a little gland can wreak havoc on the body. My levels have dramatically improved since first being diagnosed in September. They still have a way to go.  My experience with it inspired me to make some thyroid art.

Jolee’s Boutique


Some layered stickers I made for Jolee’s Boutique. These stickers are so fun to design. I love playing with all the different materials.

Self Promo


They Draw and Cook and They Draw and Travel added an Illustrators for Hire page on their website. I’m pretty geeked to be part of it. Above are the ads I made


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.35.45 PM

Some Father’s Day art I illustrated at work.

Valentine’s Day Cards


Some of the Valentine’s Day cards I made this year.Mayes_French_Valentines

Snow Globes


Mayes_SnowGlobesJust for fun I illustrated some snow globes.

Advent calendar

Mayes_Advent_Calendar_HallmarkAdvent Calendar I illustrated for Hallmark